We work for you, not your Employers!

Our Services cover all anomalies in the world of work. You may require us to support with a specific issue or provide ongoing support.  Every case is carefully assigned to an Experienced HR Consultant who will guide you on every step.

In the event that you require support for more complex matters, our team of qualified professionals will help you achieve the result you want by advising you on what you can do.

We will support you physically, by attending meetings with you, we will coach you on your actions and responses; and where applicable, we will involve legal services should you choose to make a claim at the employment tribunal.

We evaluate every case and determine the merits, if you need to make a claim, we can do so on your behalf.

Agency Workers

If you have a contract with a recruitment company to be supplied to work temporarily for a hiring company, you are entitled to similar rights as an employee, after 12 weeks of working for the same company. Current legislation demands you have an itemised payslip for the hours you have put in at work. So, if you have a question about unlawful deductions from your pay or perhaps a Health and Safety concern, We will advise on your rights and support you by liaising with the relevant parties.

Permanent Employees (Full or Part time)

Any time you have an HR issue; even the most routine, our qualified UK-based advisors are ready to support you through the process. So if you have concerns with long-term absences, or  you are having to deal with disputes at work,  we will support your journey towards a suitable resolution.

Fixed-term Employees and Seasonal Workers

If you are employed on a fixed-term basis, you are entitled to similar terms and conditions of employment as with permanent employees. Certain clauses within your contract of employment govern your contractual duties. For example,  termination by you or your employer before the specified end date of your fixed-term, could be a breach of contract.  You may also be entitled to compensation for wrongful dismissal. We can offer you support if you think your rights have been infringed.

Self-employed and Contractors

If you are working casually, on a shift pattern or on zero-hour contracts, we will assist in ensuring you are getting your full entitlements as governed by Health and Safety regulations. We can also assist with cases or perceived mistreatment, based on discrimination of your worker status.

Gig workers

If you are freelancing or doing separate bits of work, there are certain aspects of employment law that protect you where you work. Should you choose to, you can decide to work for other companies and can refuse work assignments outside normal hours. We can advise you on your entitlement to compensation for cancelled work or a breach on health and safety

Small Business Owners

We offer consultancy services to small businesses on HR functions and Employee Relations cases. We cover the full employee life cycle, from recruitment to exiting. We can support your business by ensuring you are compliant with policies and procedures. We can help with your;

  • Administration
  • Recruitment
  • On-boarding,Training and Development
  • Compliance and lots more

Get in touch with one of our HR Experts for a free consultation on 0800 8611 529.