Why we Support You

We visualise a truly humane workforce, where everyone is treated equally regardless of individual differences. We envisage a workplace where the employee is not afraid to speak up. Likewise, we believe everyone is entitled to feel safe at work, therefore continue to work towards this realisation by ensuring the voice of the common worker is heard. Thereby improving workplace relations

How we Support You

We keep it simple! Believing in Justice, Integrity, Transparency and Fairness for all. 

We can help, If  you

  • are tired of waiting on the phone to Citizen’s advice or have been assigned an ACAS caseworker, but unsatisfied with their level of support
  • are facing redundancy, have questions on furlough or been questionably dismissed from work
  • are a victim of bullying, discrimination or harassment at work; or would like to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal
  • want help in responding to formal letters or completing application forms.

Your own personal HR Buddy

Our primary goal is to improve workplace relations and conciliation. Therefore, we provide one-to-one support to anyone with work related concerns.

As impartial advisers, we will explain possible outcomes to disputes and inform you of next steps.

Because we are passionate about giving you a voice,  expect guidance from us during Grievances or Investigations that could lead to Dismissals.

Using insiders knowledge, we can help our clients identify and evidence Discrimination, Bullying and or Harassment at work. In other words, we will respond to and write formal letters on your behalf.

Above all, we put the needs of our customers first.


Your HR Service works primarily with agency workers, consultants, contractors, and employees.

If you have any questions or would like a free consultation session, please get in touch via the contact page https://www.yourhrservice.org/contact