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Your  HR Service provides independent HR support and advise to the UK workforce. We cover all sectors in the world of work, focusing primarily on agency workers, contractors, self-employed and the gig economies.

We also offer consultancy services to small business owners.

Your HR Service offers the chance to focus on what matters most; that is your well-being at work.  We can check if your employers or agencies are compliant with the latest employment legislation, policies and procedures. In the instance we discover there is a breach in employment law, we can represent you from making a formal complaint to your employers, up unto making a claim at the Employment Tribunal.

Because we work for you, the services we provide are specifically designed to suit your requirements. We explain in simple terms your rights as a typical worker. We can support you if you have a workplace dispute and represent you at meetings. We comply with ACAS regulations for Good Practice, hence commit your employer to do likewise. Unlike ACAS, we liaise only with you and represent your interest as it falls within the remit of employment law.

Whatever your industry, whatever your job role, whatever workplace dispute related you might have, we can help.

We work for you, not your employers!

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You can contact us for those one-off HR questions that require an unbiased answer.
Pay & Pay Deductions
Tax and Pension
Working Hour Regulations
Absences, Parental and Sick Leave
Discrimination and Disputes
Policies and Procedures
Contracts and Documentations
Disciplinary and Grievances
Dismissals and Redundancies
Bullying and Harassment
Employment Rights and Lots more
Terms and Conditions
Health and Safety Compliance

Sectors We Support

Health and Social Care
Childcare (Domestic & Education)
Events Management
Commercial Cleaners
Food Manufacturing
Customer Service
Business Services
Security Services
IT Support Services
Handyman Services
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